Apr. 16th, 2008

Thank you to everyone who has watched the journey this project took and offered support, advice, criticism and what have you. It was a hard decision to make to hand over the site but in the end I didn't feel I could provide the level of service I felt you the users deserved so I handed the site over. I wish Kit good luck with continuing on in the project and hope that you will support him as much as you have supported me.

Thank you again everyone, I could not have gotten as far as I did without you.

Big Big Update!

Hi Everyone! I have a big announcement to make.

Due to personal issues as well as a waning interest in maintaining this site, I am handing over the project to my lovely SysOp, Kit. There is one exception to this - the name will be changed.

My main reasons for doing this have to do with the stress involved. I was feeling overwhelmed with everything and felt that I could not provide the level of service that I wanted to and thought you all deserved. After consulting with Kit he agreed to take over the site with the above exception.

The service will remain the same but it will have a new name and theme. Everyone who donated to have an account will remain early account holders. Everyone who is a beta tester retain their account status. The service itself will remain the same other than having a new name.

Kit's interest and desire to provide a good service rivals that of my own excitement earlier on in the project and I know he will do a good job.

Thank you everyone for your support for the past .... year almost and I hope you will continue to support Kit in getting the site off the ground!

Please watch scribblit as Kit will be making a post of his own.

Switcheroo #2 and other issues

First off, please make sure that your journals are backed up - here I am referring to SI Main. We are going to be working on the switcheroo over the next couple of days and hopefully we will be up and running again soon!

Secondly and perhaps most importantly DO NOT GIVE OUT INVITATION CODES. The site is not open to the public. Just because you have access to the invitation page does not mean you are allowed to use it. Once again, the site is not open to the public so invitation codes should not have been sent out. If you have sent out invitation codes you can inform those people that their accounts will be deleted and purged and they can recreate them when the site is live. And sadly, we will be revoking access to the invitation page so that this does not happen again.

[edit 2:42pm]
Apparently I was not clear enough and for that I apologize.

We will be doing an investigation into accounts that have been created without permission. One user has admitted already that they have been sending out invitations and this is unacceptable.

I realize that some people may find this rule to be a bit of overkill however with all of the problems we have been having and in an effort to keep things simple while we resolve the problems, the site was to remain closed. The site is closed. What this means is that people should NOT have been sending out invitations. Do not continue to send out invitations.

Should the invitation page be removed? Yes however in the process of updating and moving servers we needed the page to get everyone back up and running.

The fact of the matter is, those that have been created in March will be removed. Anything before that will be investigated.

If you have any concerns please email me at scribblit @ yahoo.ca.

Switcheroo #2

Hi everyone!

I realize you haven't had an update in a while and that things are wonky all around. For both of those things I apologize.

We have had very little luck with our hosting company resolving the problem with the server and getting the code up and running so we are moving to a new company. The server should be set up later today and we will then work on getting the code installed there.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to back up you journals again! Please make sure you back up at both SI:Main and SI:Beta just to be on the safe side. At the moment I do not have a timeframe for when the other server will be taken down but it will not be before a week from now (March 12 - good grief it's March already?).

All of that being said, I really appreciate your patience and I am looking forward to the site opening soon!

I'm sorry again for the inconvenience and as soon as I know for sure when the other server will be taken down I will update again!

Also, please make sure to spread the word so that everyone who has an account knows! Link to this post if you must!

Feb. 8th, 2008

I have gotten a couple of reports from people (as well as trying it out for myself) that the various parts of beta.scribblit.com that were not working are now working.

I tried for myself with a couple of accounts and was able to successfully update my profile and access the update page.

Could those of you who were having problems please try accessing the various parts of the site and let me know if you are still having problems? There are a number of pages that are not up yet (paidaccounts/ support/ etc) and they will give you 404 errors and that's fine. I'm referring to pages that were taking a very long time to load.

Please leave a comment here with your operating system and browser and whether or not it is now working for you. Also, please leave any problems you're having with SI Main as well.

Thanks guys!


Just a reminder to everyone to make sure they have backed up everything from their accounts on scribblit.com. You can use a tool like ljarchive to accomplish this.

Please make sure you have it done by 10pm EST tonight as tomorrow I will be starting the reinstall on scribblit.com in an effort to discover what the problem(s) is/are on the beta site.

Please feel free to link to this post or cross-post this information. The more people who know, the happier we'll be as we can all get our journals backed up. :)

Jan. 25th, 2008

In an effort to figure out what is wrong with beta.scribblit.com we are going to attempt to install the Livejournal Code that is currently on beta.scribblit.com on the original server where www.scribblit.com currently is.

What this means is that the current installation found at www.scribblit.com will be wiped clean and replaced with the version that is currently running on beta.scribblit.com. We are doing this in an effort to see if the problem really is with the code or with something on the server itself.

All of that being said, you will need to back up all of your entries. We will have a backup of the site as well but you need to make sure that anything you want saved is saved. We will be doing this wipe next weekend, Feb 2-3 so you have a week to get everything saved.

I will be posting this in various places to make sure that everyone finds out. Please spread the word as well so that anyone who has an account there can save their data.

Thanks guys!

More information can be found here

Last Chance for now...

I believe I have now sent out invitations to everyone who donated who should have received one.

If you didn't please comment here with a link to your original comment or your name, email address and amount you donated.

If you know someone who donated and doesn't have their account send them here so I can hook them up properly.

As far as the site opening, we are still working as hard as we can to get it up and running. We are running into some speed problems in a few places and are looking into ways to get those resolved and it is my hope that once those are fixed up we can start inviting the public to join.

At any rate, the goal is still January so just keep an eye out for news here.

Account setup for those still waiting...

I have sent out invitations to a few people for their accounts (I apologize for the delay) and want to make sure that I have got all the accounts created that need to be.

If you are supposed to have an account because you donated, please leave a comment here with a link to your original donation comment and I will get an invitation out to you so you can finish the setup process.

Please make sure that @scribblit.com is on your safelist so your invitation doesn't get sent to the trash or junk folders.

Thanks again everyone!

Suspended Accounts

I have had a couple of questions about accounts that have been suspended and I will address them now.

While working on getting moved over to our permanent home, account creation had been turned on to allow the beta testers to recreate their accounts on the new machine. During this time approximately 100 accounts were created and linked to only 4 email addresses.

My ever diligent SysOp noticed this and flagged these accounts as spam accounts and suspended them. Account creation was not turned on for the general public it was intended to be for beta users only. At any rate, these accounts will be deleted and purged and should you wish to use the service you will need to recreate them when the site is open.

Account creation is currently set to invitation only and invitations at this time are only being extended to beta testers and those who donated during the fundraiser.

Do not post asking for an invitation, you will not get one. Do not hound beta-testers for an invitation, you will not get one.

I know all of you are excited and we are too. We're working as hard as we can to get everything ready to open up and all we ask for is some patience.